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Année : 2023

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Honoured and pleased to be invited by Archifest 2023, Built Environment Festival in Singapore curated by Calvin Chua the next 29 Sept – 28 Oct 2023, to showcase some Nusantara snippets of my Maritorium Biocracy Design Research Inquiry.

Invited Exhibitor
Archifest 2023
Interim : Acts of Negociation
Kampong Glam. Singapore
29 Sept – 28 Oct 2023

The environmental management of the Ecumene ; emerged and inhabited lands predominated by Western culture, has supplanted indigenous ecological and ontological customs through exogenous model transfer. Such environmental imperialism abandoning dialogues between terrestrial and marine ecosystems, i.e., maritory, has eclipsed these biospheres knowledges, yet essential to our climate regulation.
While Singapore, following exponential post covid crisis, is hastily trying to restore its Nūsāntara’s biotopes, multiple regions such as Penang and Bali that have escaped utter Westernisation perpetuate ancestral landcare wisdoms constitutive of their identities. Formerly mocked for supporting ancestral practices and customs, they now appear as the answers to our ecosophical scepticisms.
Maritory Biocracy Design Research Inquiries led by Alban Mannisi, works to decipher the environmental construction of these realities and the apparatus of their oblivion ; to counter recent anthropisation and speculative landscape that appear as soon as their spaces reappear profitable for extrativist civilisations.

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