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Année : 2017
Auteur :
Meloni, Giaime

In search of the free-zone : a way to explore

Meloni Giaime, Pisano Carlo. 2017. « In the search of the free zone ». The Urban Transcripts Journal N.1 Vol. 03/17,

In search of the free-zone : a way to explore

For a while now, the notions of use and appropriation, in spatial theory and practice, have been getting plenty of attention. Although this does not imply that the social production of space is a recent phenomenon, it is certainly true that the last decade has seen an enormous rise in the awareness of the capacity of urban design to produce a meaningful stage-set for various social groups.

The discourse around the use and the appropriation of the public domain is often associated with certain forms of indeterminacy in the design of spaces. Research on different degrees of freedom in using and appropriating space has built a varied vocabulary of examples in the design practice. For instance the TU Delft campus offers some areas for students called “free-zones”. Their description contains a paradox between what is meant as “freedom” and the explicit restrictions in their use : “Free-zones are designated areas on campus with electricity, running water and drainage that are free for you to use between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. for various outdoor activities. For instance, you may find it more enjoyable to study or work outside. Or why not try holding a meeting or project presentation outdoors ? Do you need an outdoor area to do research ? Another option. The free-zones come in three different sizes, from small to large. You will always find an area appropriate for what you want to do”.


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