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Année : 2023

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Maritorium Biocracy III - Ishigakijima Kukan no Rireki

Alban Mannisi & Haeyoung Jeong

12-26 March 2023

As part of the 2023 MA UMI RESIDENCIES in Ishigaki_Japan, Alban Mannisi & Haeyoung Jeong are delighted to take off the Immersive Environmental Observatory Maritorium Biocracy III_Ishigakijima Kukan no Rireki.

From 12 to 26 March 2023, a series of on-site devices are organised with the inhabitants and actors of the island to discuss and think about the singular cohabitation of human/non-human islanders, so as to strengthen the transmission of indigenous and regional practices and customs and avoid the environmental drifts of our time.

Maritorium Biocracy Ishigakijima proposes to immerse withing the terrestrial and maritime ecological dynamics with local stakeholders through various Dangisho [workshop] (farming, cooking, art therapy, etc) and organise local and international seminars, symposiums to discuss the regional dynamics, issues and singularities.

The proposal is part of the ongoing Research Design Inquiry Maritorium Biocracy ; a series of inquiries on the Maritime and Terrestrial space [i.e., Maritory] dynamics and issues conducted in Singapore [2022], Bali_indonesia [2023], Sardinia_Italy [2023], Penang_Malaysia [2024], and Cheongsan-Do_Korea [2024].

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