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Jewish contribution to the Urban Development of Paris

Intervention à la journée d’étude internationale « Jewish contribution to the Urban Development of European Cities » en clôture du programme de recherche « Who Lived, Who Built Here / Kik éltek, kik laktak itt » sur la contribution juive au développement urbain de Budapest.
23 février 2017.

The emancipation of the Jewry in France from the early nineteenth century allowed Jews to contribute, in terms equal to the other members of the society, to the building of the new "capital of the nineteenth century". The new Jewish financial aristocracy commissioned apartment houses, luxury villas, buildings for philanthropic institutions. They participated in the development of the new banking models that made the Haussmannian transformation of Paris possible, and acted as developers in the quickly urbanizing outer areas of the city.
The talk will present some examples of the Jewish contribution to the urban development of modern Paris and its surroundings :
- The Péreire brothers and the Plaine Monceau (1860s)
- Emile Deutsch de la Meurthe and the Cité Universitaire Internationale (1920s)
- Albert Kahn and the Archives of the Planet (1920s)