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Année : 2021

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Design Diplomacy @ Biennale Architettura 2021

Alban Mannisi as part of @ Design Diplomacy is invited to participate at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale Italian Virtual Pavilion Sezione del Padiglione Italia. Curated by Tom Kovac, RMIT University and Alessandro Melis Portsmouth University titled #CITYXVenice responds to #Howwillwelivetogether curated by Hashim Sarkis MIT, organized by La Biennale di Venezia. The exhibition opening will be taking place on Saturday 22 May.

As part of their contribution, @ Design Diplomacy will be convening Parlamento, an online forum held to discuss issues of resiliency, situated knowledges, the ethical philosophy deployed through the Design Diplomacy inquiry, as well as possible in-situ investigations and actions

@ Design Diplomacy is a design research platform established by Alban Mannisi & Charles Anderson which aims to investigate design practices and customs that exist outside of international environmental conventions in order to report on and disseminate off-the-shelf and non-speculative design practices.
One activity conducted by this platform is Design Diplomacy, a series of international embedded on-site workshops deployed in various places around the world.

Design Diplomacy’s ambition is to emphasise and broker an expanded interdisciplinary and collaborative dialogue between experts, governmental institutions, indigenous knowledges and practitioners, and diverse communities.
Design Diplomacy seeks to empower civil society and especially aims to offer to the new emerging generations of practitioners in the built environment, a richer knowledge of the opportunities offered by the expanded landscape economy.
Pursued through a series of workshops taking place in regions sharing global concerns through local issues, Design Diplomacy is envisioned to unfold in two phases. The first taking place across the Asia Pacific and the second focusing on Europe and the Middle East. These inquiries enable us to meet people in their own environment and context, as well as the various types of stakeholders ignored by globalisation and the speculation of current environmental markets. Internationally expanding the knowledge of these environmental resilience movements is both a logical continuation of, and an opportunity to define, a multi-sectoral and transnational critical tool for the built environment community.

The need to conduct Design Diplomacy has emerged from the ambivalent situation of the built environment profession which has considerably evolved over the last 50 years and has experienced controversial mutations since the advent of the Sustainable Development Era. A whole economy of human, natural and economic capital management has emerged which is significantly affecting the environmental expert’s ability to ethically manage, design, and sustain our biosphere.
Various forms of civil resistance have since warned the landscape community about the excesses of the neoliberal ecology, and reported on the fair and ethical conduct with which worldwide cultures and regions desire to ensure the future of communities through autochthonous practices and customs.
The work of Design Diplomacy reports on the global insurrectional movement fighting against mechanisms of Western neoliberal speculation in order to reconsider traditional and autochthonous technologies within our contemporary practices and the knowledge frameworks of ecological management.

Building on previous work, the Design Diplomacy international workshops aim to : provide an overview of the current situation ; develop critical tools and methodologies of engaging in this arena ; provide a systematic compendium of case studies of these complex phenomena for the enthusiastic new generations of landscape architects, planners, and environmental designers concerned with the ethical behaviours towards humans and non-humans.
Since its inception in 2019, Design Diplomacy has held two workshops to date : ‘Hokkien Mee Diplomacy’ in Malaysia & Singapore, and ‘ReciprociUdad Diplomacy’ in Seville, Spain. Its work has been presented at the exhibition ‘Super Tight’ in Melbourne, Australia and in ‘Saving Our World’, the Singapore Architecture Biennale Archifest 2020. We have guest edited and published essays in publications such as ReciprociUdad : Design Diplomacy in Seville, and ‘Citizen Participation Pedagogy’, a Special Edition of the South Korean Academic Journal of Environmental Studies.

It is now our honour to exhibit the work of @Design Diplomacy in the Italian Pavilion of the Venice Biennale 2020/2021, and to convene Parlamento Diplomacy, to enable a discussion of the agency and ethical philosophy of the Design Diplomacy approach.

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