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Année : 2019

Hokkien Mee Diplomacy

SINGAPORE / MALAYSIA_Cameron Highlands
08-14 July 2019

Hokkien Mee Diplomacy is the inaugural symposium/workshop of a larger research project entitled

Design Diplomacy : The Transmission of Autochthonous Practices & Customs.

Coordinator : Alban MANNISI
Team : Alban MANNISI, Charles ANDERSON, Yazid NINSALAM

Topics : Food Security, Spatial Injustice, Environmental Injustice, Urban Density, Ecological Imprint, Urban Agriculture, Post-City, Singapore, Malaysia

Outcome : Ulu, Movie, Super ꓲ Tight Exhibition [RMIT Design Hub 2019]

Singapore presents itself as an ideal of cultural, political and economic diversity. The quality of life, housing and food is remarkable, yet its food production is 90% foreign and the impact of the growth of its plants is a growing ecological, spatial and ethical disaster for the region of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia.

Held in Singapore, this symposium will attempt to decipher the mechanisms of this environmental, spatial and social injustice by meeting a group of established activists and entrepreneurs in Singapore. Called Edible Garden City, this groups’ approach aims to re-centralize and densify Singapore agricultural production within its own territory. In the symposium, the RMIT Melbourne team will work with the local partners of Edible Garden City and Foodscape Collective, to explore the opportunity for Landscape Architects to ensure a better environmental justice.

The team will document the workshop, discuss the issue of environmental injustice, food insecurity and the ecological imprint on Malaysia and then visit agricultural land in the Cameron Highlands area. The creation of a film will allow the team to be closer to their interlocutors’ milieu and to delve into the complexity of the environmental problematics. Engaging with and documenting exogenous speech and visual density of information will allow us to decrypt the unsaid and make present the intangible.

Hokkien Mee Diplomacy is part of a Series of international workshops which aims to provide an overview of the current Singapore/Malaysian environmental Injustice situation ; develop critical tools and methodologies of engaging in this arena ; provide a systematic compendium of case studies of these complex phenomena for the enthusiastic new generation of landscape architects / planners / environmental designers concerned with the ethical behaviours towards humans and non-humans.