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Année : 2023

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OFFSHORE-OUTSKIRT On Other Conviviality

April 25th (Tuesday)
International Seminar

Hosted by
ReCUD Korea - SeoulTECH

Led By :
Alban Mannisi, PhD [Scapethical]
Ken Fallas [ReCUD Korea]

Generic planning and management of the natural and social environment has favoured anchorage through terrestrial and urban fabrics. But now, the settlement and relationship between humans and biospheres evolved through fluid and mobile dynamics, before such aesthetic and ontology prevailing globally, are being reassessed and regenerated.

Just as that we must foresee the cessation of massive exodus towards cities which will soon repopulate vast empty regions, it is crucial to be able to read how various biotopes welcomed people whose recognition helps to resolve our eco(ego)logical crises ; how their living styles in remote and maritime environment do not aspire to these generic urban patterns.

This seminar aims to discuss hidden and hiding, and unrepresented communities in remote, terrestrial, marine environments and the planning development led by “emerging economic models” pressuring habitants (and habitats). Such acknowledgement of other conviviality sustaining unfamiliar biospheres may put an end to the toxic ecological imperialism of our contemporary built environment expertise.

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