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Année : 2021

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뚜벅뚜벅 ttoubeok ttoubeok ASIAN SCAPE PLOD

Open lecture Nov, 23 (18h-20h) KST Online

Alban Mannisi is invited by Prof. Blaž Križnik, Graduate School of Urban Studies, - Urban and Regional Sociology & Urbanisation and Social Change in East Asia- Hanyang University, Seoul KOREA

Models transfer of generic territorial planning has globalised toxic communal behaviours but also how urbanities are expressed in plural fashions.
The current interest in Asian scapes sparking off bodily mobilities such as walkability, sitability and other autonomous environmental immersion is accompanied by a revitalisation of biosphere’s acknowledgement as each cultural landscape generates their own plod.
Through various explorations of ground revitalisation landscape in Asia, we will attempt to identify autochthonous practices and customs that resonate and stimulate human centred applied ethics.