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Année : 2022

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Biocracy - Post Development Nudges

Alban MANNISI is invited by Dr Jestin Nordin to give a lecture the Friday 24 June 2022 at The School of Housing, Building & Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.

Despite an inflorescence of environmental engineering completing the ecological disconnection which suggests that doubts casted by the post-Modernity have been disregarded, radical forms of Biocracy are taking place. Beyond corporate strategies or denying the neoliberal governance of opportunistic Sustainable Development, biobased design appears to be a healthy return to a measured ecology.

To the extent of the ontological upheavals caused by deceptive natural sciences, devious environmental studies have produced in the 20th century, generic and harmful discourses in which each region and civil society now strives to fight.

To pursue the worldwide Atlas of an ethical and responsible Built Environmental Design, we will explore Symbiocene systems that developed perennial strategies early on before our various crises, in tune with our constantly changing climate ; from vernacular fabrics embedded in biospheres to utopian socialism reacting to our modern drifts up to post-Development initiatives.

In the hope of experiencing our pedagogies of the living further, this lecture is the kick off of a new collaboration in Penang, Malaysia.