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Année : 2021
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Mannisi, Alban

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blend in otherness - Scapethical Applied Ecosophy

Lecture – 8 November 2021

Alban Mannisi is Invited by Prof. Camila Gomes Sant’ Anna & Prof. Suzete Bessa_Course of Architecture and Urbanism, Federal University of Goiás, Goiás, BRAZIL

Ongoing ecosophical clashes revealed by global political ecologies with the recognition of environmental controversies due to exponential unethical anthropisations have stimulated landscape research to the point of profoundly remodelling its foundations. The globalization of knowledge enables to assimilate how intricate multiple thoughts, ethics and values were in their biospheres each. This is what genuine environmental and landscape epistemologies have been trying to implement for the last twenty years thanks to new generations of built environment expert.

SCAPETHICAL, Built Environment Practice and Research Platform based in Singapore, explores internationally various Ecosophical Applied ethics through challenging inquiries and innovative designs. Through a set of projects spanning 20 years of worldwide practice and research in which each culture has allowed to shake up and provoke new facets of our environmental and landscape paradigm, some of the journey and disruptive inquiries of a worldwide Mediator will be explored.

Leafing through ecological acoustic experimentation on aesthetics transmitted by intimate cultural landscapes to monumental territorial planning in emerging economy resituating landscape at the crossroads of ecological transitions ; by repositioning the role of the XXIst century landscape expert status following shocks caused by sustainable development impunity ; by redeploying humanitarian design through multidisciplinary agenda within hybrid social capitals ; by deciphering local environmental ethics to restore injustices muddled in illegible nature/culture hermeneutics ; or by restoring faith in the dialogic environment with non-human stakeholders, this lecture will explore the projects, positioning, concepts, and perplexity of Alban Mannisi’s landscape voyage.

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