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Année : 2023

Environmental History of Air - Intangible landscape

Alban Mannisi – Guest Lecturer – 09 March 2023

Excited to contribute on daring Intangible landscape inquiries.

Provide for :
AIR – International Design Studio

Led by :
Eva Verhoeven, Blair Wilde, Joel Karamath, Laura Lovell-Anderson, Roger Paez Blanch,
Albert Fuster, Manny Ling, Andrew Stiff, Neal Haslem, Marion Lagedamont, Digby Usher
Organized by :
RMIT Melbourne & Vietnam, London College of Communication (LCC) _ University of the Arts London (UAL) and Elisava _Barcelona

The emerging corpus of Environmental History is today redefining the perception of variegated construction of the realities of a world that are difficult to grasp with Western ecological imperialism.
From intangible landscape to research fields of odour, wisdoms and maritime biospheres neglected so far by extractivists and toxic ecosophies, a growing movement of subaltern indigenous inquiries is renewing the vision and appreciation of our ecosystems.
Just as Future is a fairly recent concept, Time or Air appears differently in the history of ideas depending on where we are. Testifying to recent collapsology theories and ontological crisis, this inquiry of Environmental History of Air intends to reflect on how profoundly the global understandings, appreciation and cares for certain fundamental components of the environment differ.