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Année : 2023

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EXPLORATORY STRATEGY on) Alternative Habitat Groundwork

Encounter Workshop

with Alban Mannisi. PhD, Blaž Križnik PhD, and Kyung-Jin Zoh, PhD

At 1 Euro Project, 1-1 Songjeong 18-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
10th Nov 2023

Our understanding of human and non-human communities has been profoundly challenged by intersecting crises, leading to the emergence of novel agencies to improve our complex environment. Current maneuvering from uncountable experts encourages dissidents to organise their commitments by other means.

Conventional institutions’ impasse has led to new forms of governance and networking that aims to shift from the Anthropocene towards the Symbiocene era. The end of the 19th century models, asks for renewal of indigenous engineering, transitive political ecologies and worldwide governance that reset heterogeneous ontologies and diplomacy all over the world.

Exploratory Strategy aims to expand discussion of such alternative habitat groundwork with international activists establishing unwonted inquiries. Through 3 distinctive modes of operation, we will come across cutting edge engagement operating within our sustainable biosphere :

Alban Mannisi will discuss the Custodian Heuristics Institute intentions to establish a lasting communication vortex of resilient customs and practices sustaining ethically our biosphere, which remain too little visible and shared — Understanding localities as networks of humans and non-humans requires time and engagement that commercial Academia often lacks. Blaž Križnik will explore experiences with the publication of Emerging Civic Urbanisms in Asia as a possible exploratory strategy for groundwork(ing) on resilient localities in Asian and European urban contexts — And finally, Kyung-Jin Zoh will explore the DMZ Gardens dynamics happening between South and North-Korea.

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