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Année : 2024

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SOILPLOITATION twisted food narrative

Thank you Bjorn Low, Edible Garden City Director and Alakesh Dutt NUS Research Associate for inviting me to discuss Urban Food Systems at the National University of Singapore.

Alban Mannisi, PhD
Landscape Urbanist
Director : Scapethical

Online Guest Lecture
16th February 2024 – 3 pm (UTC/GMT)
Invited by Bjorn Low & Alakesh Dutt, Course Directors
Urban Food Systems

MSc ISD (Integrated Sustainable Design)
Master of science, Integrated Sustainable Design
Dpt of Architecture. College of Design and Engineering
National University of Singapore

The nutritional resource accessibility to urban population is a 21st century growing issue. It remains obscure as it is ingeniously shadowed by ultraliberal narratives of versatile built environment, agriculture, and real estate corporations.

15 years after the warning at the time of an Urban Farming Symposium in Tokyo toward the vicious tendencies exploiting food scarcity to fuel geoengineering gains, it appears that major changes are the civil society’s acceptation of State capitalism’s full control of our ecosystems management.

Contextualising current short-term and sectoral nutritious economy drifts from the pitfalls of the Global North biosphere extractivism leading to an urban-farming blooming will enhance the potential of ethical designs in the social ecology of urban settlements.