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Année : 2023

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MARITORIUM BIOCRACY climate urbanism in Southeast Asia

Thank you Asia Research Institute NUS for inviting me to report on my Design Research Inquiry Maritorium Biocracy.

It will be a great opportunity to decipher the ongoing and complex human & non-Human encounters deployed over the past few months in South East Asia.

Speculative Climate Urbanism and the Sea :
The Inequalities of Building and Living on Water in Southeast Asia

Asia Research Institute
National University of Singapore
23-24 Oct 2023

Maritorium Biocracy is a Series of Research Design Inquiry led by Alban MANNISI, on the Maritime and Terrestrial space [i.e., Maritory] dynamics and issues conducted in Singapore, Bali_Indonesia, Ishigaki_Japan, Sardaigna_Italy, Penang_Malaysia, and ChongSan-Do_Korea.

Each iteration is conducted in a specific maritime area through various public and private collaborations with local stakeholders and international partners aiming to engage innovative pedagogy in view of a better acknowledgment of intangible environmental ethics and cultural landscape.

The Maritory Biocracy Design Research Inquiries works to decipher the environmental construction of these realities and the apparatus of their oblivion ; to counter recent anthropisation and speculative landscape that appear as soon as their spaces reappear profitable for extrativist civilisations.