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Année : 2018

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Report after the workshop
Score for Murin-An

Soundscapes in Murin-an Garden. A workshop on sonic experiences in a Japanese garden.

Workshop d’une journée dans le jardin de Murin-An à Kyoto.

Assistance à l’organisation d’un atelier d’une journée sur le paysage sonore dans le jardin de Murin-An à Kyoto, 10 décembre 2018.

Assistance à l’organisation du workshop sur le paysage sonore d’une journée dans le jardin de Murin-An à Kyoto.
The potential to design for sonic experiences is increasingly recognized in landscape architecture. Soundscape studies have contributed to shift the focus from noise and problems to potentials and qualities. Despite recent progress, there is a lack of good examples on how soundscapes can be represented in design situations. This is particularly true for complex situations, such as when sound is experienced while walking. In this workshop, therefore, we explore the soundscape of a traditional Japanese garden, Murin-an, renowned for its rich soundscape.
The aim of the workshop is to examine how various soundscapes of the garden can be captured by means of different forms of representations. For this purpose, a number of specialists from various fields and cultural backgrounds have been gathered to come up with ideas and produce examples. There is an intention to present the outcomes in a publication and all participants in the workshop are invited to be part of this process as co-authors.
Organisation : Japanese Soundscape Association (Gunnar Cerwén, Keiko Torigoe).