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Citizen Participation Pedagogy

A sign of our Ecological Democracy Time, the promising demand for civil society involvement raises concern about the heterogeneity of worldwide tactics. It is the aim of the Journal of Environmental Study special issue to reflect a social ecology shift beyond generic methods implemented up to this day, as well as a lack of concertation among experts for whom it is urgent to draw up an inventory and allow to feed on diverse and enriching applied ethics. It explores the Citizen Participation Pedagogy from exemplar approaches of 10 different countries over 4 continents : Australia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, Spain, and Brazil provide an understanding of the peculiarities and similarities of the diverse cultural landscape. Here you get to hear from people from different spheres ; landscape architect and urbanist, architect, artist, entrepreneur, and community designer among many others, representing the diversity and richness of experts who have the voice of citizens resonate in public debate.
Citizen Participation Pedagogy proposes an intellectual geography to envision the genuine mechanisms’ resilience of human and non-human cohesion, offering tools that are currently rediscovered, reinvented, and reimagined.

Journal of Environmental Studies
Special issue of Journal of Environmental Studies _ Seoul National University
Citizen Participation Pedagogy
Guest editor : Alban MANNISI, Landscape Urbanist
(RMIT Landscape Architecture, Australia)

Voir en ligne : Citizen Participation Pedagogy, Special Issue, Journal of Environmental Study, Seoul National University, 2020.