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Année : 2016
Auteur :
De Marco Rosa

Article « Du paysage aux ambiances successives »

« Du paysage aux ambiances successives »


“Du paysage aux ambiances successives”

La contribution de la Mouvance de la Villette
au devenir de l’ambiance, des ambiances demain

For thirty years, several French researchers have been producing various contributions about landscape that shape the basis of a specific thought, recently called the "Mouvance de la Villette". In our contribution, we start from the assumption that the postulates of this thought are similar to those underlying the atmosphere research, particularly about the sensual experience and his central role in the construction of spatial entities. We propose to explain some topics structuring this Mouvance ; to confront the notions of landscape, place and atmosphere and put them in tension with the invention and the spatial design ; to contribute, explicitly or implicitly, to the thought of the atmosphere, to the atmospheres design, to their future.

Keywords : landscape, place, atmosphere, experience, design, education