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Année : 2013
Auteur :
Mannisi, Alban

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Environmental Imperative. Designing Cities within the Anthropocene Era

Lecture at the Urban Planning Dept., Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, 14th November 2013.

The Anthropocene Era calls into question our models, obliging civil societies, experts and politics to reconsider anew the contemporary planning and encourage us to redeploy the knowledge of the younger generation. The expansion of new sociologies of design and the demand for broader environmental adjustment provides acurate Mesological approaches of Urbanity Design.

As Citizen and Expert, Urban Designer modelizes community spaces within multidisciplinary teams, It is therefore imperative to prepare young generations engaged intellectually and physically beyond the scope of techniques to specify the environmental, social and spatial justice requirements : Sustainable Design is the avant-garde of “tomorrow’s Cities Biospheres”.