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Année : 2012
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Mannisi, Alban

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Participation & Mediation in Urban Development

MANNISI Alban, « Participation & Mediation in Urban Development », in The Pedestrian. City life, International conference on the City, Pedestrian Life, Teheran, Iran, 05/08 Mars 2012.

Year of Publication : 2013 The development of issues related to pedestrian life and sidewalks and special attention to pedestrians as the asset of a city and the formation of social activities on the basis of the new concept of pedestrian-centered cities, have been in spotlight in recent years. Unfortunately, our cities, Tehran in particular, do not offer safe environments for pedestrians. Urban officials have mainly been concerned with the issue of construction and renovation of urban spaces which fail to enhance quality of pedestrian life. It seems to be the case that tackling this problem requires a cultural approach. The Research, Architecture, and Art Department of Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization has published a new book on pedestrian life in urban spaces. The book includes a number of articles which have a comprehensive attitude towards the issue of pedestrian-centered cities. It describes a pedestrian-centered city as a city which has a comprehensive and balanced view towards the issue of pedestrian life.