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Année : 2012
Auteur :
Mannisi, Alban

Strenue Plaza, Glittering space

MANNISI Alban, « Strenue Plaza, Glittering space », in City Network. Square and Street, Art-Power Ed. Hong Kong, 2012, pp. 378-383

Youido Seoul, district of a sparkling grandeur. S-trenue Tower, design by MASSSTUDIES, fascinating and voracious pair of legs that the place shall dress. Or undress.Space made of wind and raised hand the time of a brief intoduction or a delicate goodbye. Vertical language of reflected sky in its delicious glass-covered ankles.Horizontal, slender and chiseling, light and graphic vegetation. Such as a part of a swamp.

S-Trenue Plaza ventilates and explodes outside of its own limits images it carries within