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Année : 2010
Auteur :
Laffage, Arnauld
Nussaume, Yann

“The Landscape as a Project” as a Mediator

LAFFAGE Arnaud, NUSSAUME Yann, « “The Landscape as a Project” as a Mediator », in PEDROLI Bas and GOODMAN Tessa, eds., Landscape as a project, A survey of views amongst uniscape Members. Reactions to a position Paper of Franco Zagari, Libria, 2010.

A Survey of Views Amongst UNISCAPE Members Reactions to a Position Paper of Franco Zagari, a cura di Bas Pedroli and Tessa Goodman, Librìa, Melfi 2010

This book results from the answers by individual UNISCAPE members to the questions introduced in a thought-provoking way by Franco Zagari.

The focus of the book is the landscape, landscape in a sense of both scientific inspiration and practical involvement, landscape in the sense of the European Landscape Convention.

Since the book discusses practical landscape approaches, it may be as interesting for researchers as for students and professionals, for politicians and landscape managers. The wide palette of visions presented in this book will enrich the discussions within landscape science, and certainly also within the wider community around the European Landscape Convention.

“Landscape as a project” is the specific theme of this enquiry. The aim of a landscape approach, for communities as well as actors, is the acquisition of the specific cultural awareness of a place, an intellectual principle enabling, in a responsible way, a political and aesthetic action to express the quality we refer to as “landscape”, generally connected to the name of a place, a communicable value to protect, manage, and in some cases to reinvent (Franco Zagari in this Book).