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Année : 2008
Auteur :
Mannisi, Alban

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The Peddlers of Invisible Worlds. Les colporteurs de monde invisible

MANNISI Alban, « The Peddlers of Invisible Worlds. Les colporteurs de monde invisible », in International New Landscape (Revue d’Architecture Paysagère Chinoise), Shanghai, Chine, pp. 92-97. (en anglais et en chinois).

Réflexion sous forme d’entretien avec l’artiste environnementaliste Gerard Hauray sur son travail croisant recherche scientifique, Art, mobilité sociale et paysagère.

« The Peddlers of Invisible Worlds »

We can’t say there is an appropriate time for a conciliation between landscape practices and the scientific mysteries regarding them. There is no major climatic or ecological disorder nowadays ; there are simply cycles. And now, we are in the middle of one which is undergoing a precipitous mutation.
Gerard Hauray, who is associated with a group of the most important contemporary emerging French artists, has been an artist and professor for nearly 20 years. In his work, he combines our anxieties about the future of the planet with laboratory discoveries which may be frightening.
He has developed a surprising body of work which unmasks the landscapes we unconsciously carry and release during our travels. A process that is basic to nature.
Gerard Hauray prefers to ask questions with revelatory answers rather than just demonstrate. He encourages us to perceive and comprehend the living world and remove the barriers between the academic disciplines of science, art, and philosophy.

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