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Année : 2015
Auteur :
Roussel, Séverine
Zourgane, Philippe

When Vegetation is not Decorative, installation artistique

ZOURGANE Philippe, « When Vegetation is not Decorative », installation artistique à l’exposition Parco Arte Vivente (PAV), Musée d’Art Contemporain, Turin, Italie, Mai 2014-Janvier 2015.

A geography of nature’s resistance

Years ago a dear friend of mine pointed out to me that most of the plants that we usually call “weed” come from South America. They arrived in Europe after the colonization of the American continent – plants able to survive with few drops of water and able to live between rocks, growing in the space of a fissure. At that time I thought – maybe just for fun – “wow.. this is a clear signal of political resistance.” But now, rethinking about that story, I ask myself : was mine really just a joke ? These days something made me reflect again about the idea/relation between resistance and plants : Vegetation as a political agent is the new exhibition curated by Marco Scotini for PAV (Parco Arte Vivente) in Turin. (...)

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