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Année : 2015
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Millet, Yves

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Which Narratives for the Anthropocene ?

Yves Millet, « Which Narratives for the Anthropocene ? », in Model Transfer of Social Ecology in Asian Territory, ZzaCBook, France, pp. 84-93. ISBN : 978-2-9535437-1-1 Sponsored by Hanyang University

Which Narratives for the Anthropocene ?

As we know, the two significant characteristics of the early part of the 21st century are the dramatic increase in the urbanization of human societies and the very likely new era, which can be labeled the anthropocene. Both oblige us to admit that ecology is a matter of relations rather than a matter of nature. Ecology – and by extension, social ecology – does not deal with nature, rather it does with the nature of relationships we can have and develop with different components of our environment. More precisely, it’s a matter of quality of interrelationships between humans, nonhumans and Earth as a common physical ground. From this standpoint, what would be the contribution of aesthetics ? A quick overview of different current practices shows how the experience and expression of the sensible (or what is commonly known as “the senses”), is related both to perception of the environment and social engagement. In fact, aesthetics and, more precisely, environmental aesthetics cannot be separated from the general reflection on political mediation and one’s sense of responsibility towards the environment.

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