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Année : 2023
Auteur :
Mannisi, Alban

Within Aquatic Life. Beyond the Anthropogenic Maritorium Prospect

Thrilled by the paper acceptance in the Ecuador Journal ESTOA about our inquiry on Maritory dynamic with multidisciplinary and worldwide friends and colleagues :

Mannisi, A., Tapia-Martin , C. ., Herrera Arango, J., Pittungnapoo, W. ., & Saito, S. (2023). Within Aquatic Life. Beyond the Anthropogenic Maritorium Prospect. Estoa. Revista De La Facultad De Arquitectura Y Urbanismo De La Universidad De Cuenca, 12(23), 7–18

- Alban Mannisi PhD. Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore
- Carlos Tapia PhD. Higher Technical School of Architecture ; University of Seville, Spain
- Johana Herrera Arango PhD. School of Environmental and Rural Studies, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá
- Witiya Pittungnapoo PhD. Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design, Naresuan University, Thailand
- Shota Saito M. L. Arch. Landscape Architecture Dpt. ; McGregor Coxall, Australia

Enquiries into non-anthropogenic cultural landscapes, such as marine environments, reveal unsuspected dynamics due to the resurgence of ecosophies that are alien to the globalised economy and territorialisation as a basis for appropriation and subsequent indiscriminate exploitation. Disturbed by the wanderings of geo-engineering, several regions of the world have recently touched on key arguments with points in common that could revitalise non-human biospheres and, in them, human ones. When considering maritime dynamics, the ocean must be seen as an entity. Following the ever-inspiring historical literatures of Fernand Braudel and expanding on the "mediterraneity" he formulated, we would be testing another concept involving a change in mentality of governmentality : “maritoriums”, a conceptualisation from 1970s Chilean architecture. Based on case studies, we will discuss significant examples in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and Asian oceans and rivers that contribute to the current debate on the seas as inhabited spaces, as fragile and revealing aquatic ecosystems.

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